'Fallout 76' players can get three old Fallout games for free


Is Bethesda Softworks just getting into the holiday spirit here, or is this an unspoken “make good” apology after Fallout 76‘s borked launch?

No one can say! And frankly, it doesn’t matter. Bethesda has a special holiday offer in place for anyone who’s played Fallout 76, which takes the popular apocalypse-centered role-playing game and turns it into an online game. 

The offer is for more Fallout, and — importantly — free Fallout. Here’s the deal, straight from the publisher’s Twitter account:


ANYONE who logged into the full release of #Fallout76 in 2018 will receive an entitlement for Fallout Classic Collection on PC. This applies to Xbox One and PS4 players, too

The entitlement is expected to go live in early Januarypic.twitter.com/U8pJwrk0PV

— Bethesda (@bethesda) December 22, 2018 Read more…

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