'Aquaman' is already kicking the crap out of 'Justice League' at the global box office


Aquaman commands more than just the denizens of Earth’s oceans. He’s also got a vise-like hold on the box office, at least outside the United States.

The latest entry in the DC Extended Universe opened in U.S. theaters on Friday with an impressive $332.1 million already banked. That’s after almost three weeks in theaters in a number of overseas markets — including the historically Hollywood-friendly China.

That’s where Aquaman has made the biggest splash so far. As of Dec. 16, the movie’s Chinese box office total had reached $189 million, according to Box Office Mojo. For comparison: that’s already more than Justice League, the 2017 tentpole DCEU release from Warner Bros., managed to pick up in China during its entire theatrical run there ($106.1 million). Read more…

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