Republican congressman roasted for his boring choice of Halloween treats


Always beware of trying to be a little too cute with handing out treats on Halloween because, in a time of political division, there’s a line between political statement and just giving candy to kids. 

South Carolina congressman Mark Sanford is being roasted across the internet on Wednesday after he shared an image of what he says he’ll be handing out to trick-or-treaters. 

Happy Halloween. Accordingly, Pocket Constitutions are at the ready for today’s

— Mark Sanford (@RepSanfordSC) October 31, 2018

That’s right — pocket constitutions. 

This is, without a doubt, the most boring “treat” to be handed out since I had a neighbor that handed out Chick Tracts to the kids on my street. And the internet conducted a digital drive-by egging on Sanford for such Halloween tickery. Read more…

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