Twitter co-founder reunited with tortoise after 5 months apart


Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s family has just witnessed a herpetological miracle!

Five months ago, the Stone family’s pet tortoise, Roshi, went missing. Though high and low they searched, the distinctive reptile remained gone in the wind.

But, lo! On Tuesday at school, Stone’s son Jake glanced amongst the clover. And who did he see? NONE OTHER than his long-lost tortoise, ROSHI! In the words of the Lion King’s Rafiki, “He’s alive?! He’s alive!!!”

Our tortoise of 15 years escaped 5 months ago. We searched. No hope. Yesterday, Jake discovered him munching clover at his school. Incredible! Roshi is back after a grand

— Biz Stone (@biz) October 11, 2018 Read more…

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